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Written by Segut   
Wednesday, 20 May 2015 12:28

Rosoga Investments Limited is proud to introduce to you Charcoal Briquettes made out of Sawdust. The product is available for both retail and wholesale markets and is especially suites for both Domestic and Commercial/Industrial use. Place your order TODAY!

 Reasons why you should use sawdust charcoal Briquettes instead of ordinary charcoal:

  •       Smokeless
  •       Low Ash Content
  •       Higher Fixed Carbon
  •       Odourless
  •       Longer Burning Hours
  •       Higher Calorific Value
  •       Low Volatile
  •       Binder/Chemical Free
  •       Highter Burning Temperature
  •       Sparkless

The Production Process of Rosoga Charcoal

Rosoga sawdust charcoal uses sawdust collected from sawmills, sieved and suitably selected mesh of the sawdust is employed as the sole raw material for the production.
The sawdust is then pre-dried by passing through the drying process either a rotary or pneumatic hot air drying system fueled by some the dried sawdust.
The dry raw material is then channeled to a compressing equipment known as screw extruder or forming machine while it is still in a hot/warm state, to produce the sawdust briquette under a screw pressure of approximately 40 tons through a hot (approx 300 ~ 350 Deg C ) mold. The pressure and the thermal energy force the Lignin(resin)to bind the wood waste under a high pressure to form sawdust briquette with density much higher than the wood origin.
The briquette is then bundled ready for carbonization or Charring process. Charring requires 3-5days in the specially designed kiln. Cooling is either within the kiln itself (as for all conventional kiln) or removed for external cooling using cooling chamber/box (for rail-car charring system)
The charcoal is then ready for packing according to the grading.

Drying Process

Compression Point.
Sawdust Briquette
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